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Napkin Folding Ideas | Here Is A Classy Black Napkin Fold For Your Wedding Day To Consider

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

There are so many napkin folding ideas out there for weddings. Try dressing your place settings up with a classy napkin fold that will be sure to catch everyone's eye. The Envelope fold looks great with both real china AND disposables. Take a look!

NOTE: This is just a quick tutorial! Remember to center your napkins and steams them before hand.

Step 1: Turn your napkin so that it is diamond shaped towards you.

Napkin Folding Ideas | Black Classy

Step 2: Fold both left and right corners in.

Napkin Folding Ideas | Black Classy
Napkin Folding Ideas | Black Classy

Step 3: Bring your bottom point up just pass the center of your napkin.

Napkin Folding Ideas | Black Classy

Step 4: Lastly, bring your top point down to the edge of the bottom.

Napkin Folding Ideas | Black Classy

Look how awesome this table turned out! Don't forget to ask your coordinator to assist!

Napkin provided by: Forager Canteen,42 Depot St, Dillsboro, NC 28725

Step by step napkin fold provided by: SJ Coordination & Events LLC

Final product photos provided by Flightless Bird Photography

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