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Rave Reviews from Past Couples and Wedding Professionals

I truly could not have done this without her. ShaunaJane is so sweet and thoughtful but most of all she just takes over and gets the job done. You can't even tell if she's under pressure, she just smiles and keeps going. Most importantly, I got to entertain and enjoy myself! I will not do another party without her. She's the best it comes.

-Linda D.

I'm a wedding professional who had the absolute pleasure of working events that Shauna was in charge of. It always amazed me the sense of peace that she brought to the day. No matter what was happening, Shauna was always three steps ahead! She's a true wedding industry professional, and I recommend her to anyone who wants to not have to stress on their big day!

-Alex K.

A professional and remarkable young woman. My daughters' wedding was absolutely perfect and everything was on time. It started to rain and I thought we were going to be behind but SJ got the steamboat rolling and it was just wonderful. We used her for a wedding but I'm hoping to use her on some corporate work here in Florida. Thanks again SJ.

-John M.

ShaunaJane can really keep it together! It started to thunder and lighting began but she kept everyone calm and evacuated so smoothly. Then when the storm was over she managed to get the event back on track and on schedule! The whole time guests were partying on and enjoyed themselves! She's awesome!

-Patricia R

The best coordinator I could have hoped for! We knew nothing going into this but SJ walked us threw our whole timeline. The day of my wedding was FANTASTIC!

-Lisa McDonald

She is an astonishing professional! She handled my wife, daughter and my daughters' now mother-in-law, flawlessly. Excellent customer service and she really took the pressure off of everyone. We all had a great time thanks to her. Highly recommend.

-Stephen J.

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