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First Look vs First Touch; What Is Your Wedding Day Vibe?

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Deciding between doing first look photos vs first touch photos for your wedding but unsure of the difference? Can't figure out if you should see each other before walking down the aisle or not? Consider all of the facts before making a choice on the matter. Check out our guide below to help make the best decision for the two of you for your wedding day.

First Look

Let's start off by saying that this can be done with your soon-to-be spouse, children, mom, dad, or anyone. So keep this in mind while making a decision. Today we are talking about with the person you are marrying. First look photos were forged from the look on the groom's face when the bride walks down the aisle towards him. In traditional weddings, this is one of the best parts of the wedding. Now, it has transitioned into letting the couple see each other for the first time on their wedding day before everyone else does. It also captures the emotional moment on camera for the couple to remember. It helps reduce stress, get the jitters out and helps you become less nervous. You two will find yourself smiling and laughing out loud together! First Look photos are great for capturing that "wow, we are here" moment privately with one another.

Check out these first looks:

First Touch

Weddings are definitely having a rise of the first touch photos these days. It was designed to give the couple a private moment together without spoiling the moment of seeing each other down the aisle. A First Touch gives the couple a chance to connect physically before the ceremony begins. Some couples take this moment to read each other their intimate vows to one another without the pressure of everyone else watching and they decide to do the traditional vows at the alter. It's great because you additionally get a chance to check in with each other that day. This a moment of happy tears and warm chills, so make sure your make up artist doesn't leave the building yet! Ok, so you kept the look a surprise still, which means more emotion and more tears down the aisle to come!

Check out these first touches:

After all that, you realize that neither are for you. It's ok to skip both options! Everyone still loves the traditional weddings and the surprise emotions are still a tear dropper. Couples are opting to keep this going! No need to plan a first look or first touch. Keep that additional time for yourself and your squad! Have more time taking bridal photos or relaxing.

Here at SJ Coordination & Events, LLC, we want to execute your moment! Let us know if you need help deciding on either or nor. We will assist you in writing the moment on your timeline or adding more time for you to enjoy the day. Whatever you decide, we are here to help. Need to contact us about this? Please email us at:

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