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How To Do A Seating Chart For A Wedding | Seating Arrangement Advice For Your Day

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

One of the most asked questions: How to do a seating chart for a wedding. We all know that this is the only part of planning that gives everyone a headache. Who likes who, who knows who, who is loud, or who can't hear. Let's just say, you are not the only couple to put this at the bottom of the list. When you resurface and get this done, use a little of this advice to make this process a easier.

  1. Make sure your floor plan chair count matches the number of guests assigned to each table. Nothing is more embarrassing then for a guest to approach a table and there are not the correct amount of chairs and they do not have anywhere to sit. Now, the venue and catering will work together to accommodate immediately but this draws attention and looks unplanned. Which brings us to number two....

  2. Don't try to take way tables and chairs on the morning of! Just leave it. It never fails where either the seating may be off or people who forgot to RSVP shows up. It is better to have them then to not.

  3. Do not assign seats unless you are having a plated meal. Save yourself the migraine. People will move around if they do not like where they are sitting. Let them have the table and choose their own seats. Plus, this speeds up your process of the seating chart.

  4. When creating the seating chart, arrange it by alphabetical order. Searching for names under table numbers takes to long for guests. A seating arrangement by tables for guest counts under 50 are great, but over that, opt for the alphabet.

  5. A fantastic idea to display would be on a large board that can sit on an easel or be hung. Escort Cards look great on shelving as well. Make cocktail hour easy.

  6. When designing, choose your seats first then assign your bridal party around you. Remember to give yourself a view as well!

  7. Keep your immediate family and bridal party at the same tables if possible. By doing this, it makes it easier for your coordinator and DJ to call table numbers. Bridal party, immediate family, kids, older guests, and then everyone else.

  8. Seat your younger guests by the DJ or dance floor. They will love the loud music and they tend to be the first out on the dance floor next to you!

This is just a little advice to help your day be special and smooth. Don't let this process become mind boggling. Keep these in mind and the seating arrangement should be a piece of cake!

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