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Keep Your Wedding Coordinator In Shape By...16 On Your Wedding Coordinator Checklist

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

So you just got engaged and you are getting MARRIED!! Whether it's your first rodeo or second, we have all been to THAT wedding where it was absolute chaos because there was no coordinator. Vendors were late, no one had a clue what to do and where to go, what is being set up, or who is setting what up? So many questions and so little time!

Well you learned from THAT wedding and you decided to be smart and hire a day of coordinator. Great job! So now what? Well, it's time to finally take that childhood dream and bring it to life and you get to have someone take the day of the wedding stressors off your plate and create your dream, all while you are getting ready.

Here are some things that you can utilize your planner/coordinator on for your day. Don't be afraid to ask them to help. That is what you hired them for right?

Wedding Coordinator Checklist:

  1. Timeline Creation and Management. Trust your coordination people! They coordinate anywhere from 10 to 200 weddings a year. They are not new to the game. Give your coordinator a list of everything you want to happen in your day. Then let them manage the time. If it can not be done, trust that your coordinator will tell you and you can both collaborate together on importance, or simply adding more venue time. Please remember that on the day of to just relax and soak up the happy memories you are going to make. Forget the timeline, don't wear a watch, and politely ask mom to relax with you and get off the management clock hired a coordinator right?

  2. Setting Reception Place Settings. This includes charges, plates, napkins, flatware. Now, if you are really nice to your coordinator, they will get the napkins at rehearsal and create a fancy napkin fold for your day. Some may charge a little extra for it but it is worth the few dollars. As far as place settings, you can do the traditional fork & knife. Now if your dessert requires a spoon/fork then you will need those as well. Salad? Fork for that too. Glasses on tables are optional depending on if you are having table side service but most stick with just a water glass. Who doesn't need water while sweating on the dance floor right!

  3. Menu Cards. These at place settings are adorable! Let your guests know what to expect so they are not in line pondering and holding things up. Chances are, catering has at least a hundred guests to feed along with vendors BEFORE toasts. We definitely want to keep the line moving. You can also make a menu sign on large card stock and have your coordinator place it on an easel at the front of the buffet line. Side note: Please let "those guests" know that it is NOT rude for vendors such as photographers, videographers, and DJ's, to slide in after immediate family and bridal party and make their plates to eat. They have a job to do and that is creating your dream day. They need to eat and get back to work. Working 12 to 15 hour days are hard and they get to eat too.

  4. Dessert Station. Who doesn't love assorted desserts! Have your coordinator get creative and display your sweets. Be sure to bring different risers for elevation. Oh and, coordinators get to "quality control" just one!

5. Memorial Table/Chair, etc. Not mandatory but a nice touch to have at your day.

6. Neon Sign hanging. Please let them know a head of time. The venue may not have a ladder for general use. Note: zip ties!

7. Floral. Ok, a lot of coordinators hesitate doing this only because they are not technically florist. They do not want to be responsible for your day not looking picture perfect as they do not handle flowers on a daily bases. Now with that being said, we love to play with flowers! But, WE MUST KNOW A HEAD OF TIME. This is something that needs to go on our "To Do" list.

Wedding Coordinator Checklist-Floral Setup

8. Couple Photos. You can have them all sorts of ways like framed or turned into puzzles! Be creative.

9. Table Décor. This could be anything! Candles, votives, lanterns, runners, table numbers, pictures, ice breaker games, favors, center pieces, you name it. Typically now there is a small fee for individual place card settings depending on the guest count. Check with your planner.

10. Dance Floor Items. Glow sticks and glow wands come individually wraps so you may need that one person to unwrap and turn on 100 of them.

11. Arbor Draping. So much fun! Be sure to bring floral. It you love real looking faux flowers, they sell some awesome ones that come with drapes as a package on Amazon. Just look at these done by me!

12. After The Tone Audio Phone. One of the newest and coolest ways for your guests to tell you how much they care and wish you two all the best!

Wedding Coordinator Checklist-After the tone Setup

13. Guestbook Signage. So many ways to play with this! Ask your coordinator!

14. Welcome Sign. Greet your guests upon arrival. whether they are driving themselves or taking your transportation shuttle, welcome them to your day!

15. Props For Photo Area. Greenery wall, polaroid camera, you name it. Join your guests in take cool pictures of your day.

16. So You Can Enjoy The Day. This is the most important of all the things that a coordinator can do for you on your day. Get through the logistics of your wedding so you can enjoy your family and friends. Your wedding is a time to relax and celebrate your unity with your partner. Do that stress free.

There are so many other things your coordinator could help you with. Just ask! Let them help make your dream wedding plan come to life. Have your wedding coordinator checklist ready!

We here at SJ Coordination & Events, LLC love to help out couples on their big day! If you are doing it yourself but need assistance on the day of, send us an email so we can help set make your day stress free! Email us at:

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