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Summer Wedding Weather Prep Tips

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

We all know that when it comes to weather in the south, well..... WE HAVE NO IDEA! From nice and sunny, to partly cloudy, it's just one of those things that is out of our control. Take steps in the beginning to help alleviate last minute changes or headaches. Here are some summer wedding weather prep tips to think about.

Summer Wedding Weather Prep Tips

Tip 1# Rent the Tent

Go ahead and rent the tent! If you are doing an outdoor wedding consider having a tent for the cocktail and reception. One, if it does rain, it doesn't hold up the production of preparing for guests on the staff, Two, it adds a shade for your guests while still being outdoors, and Three, if the rain doesn't hold out for the ceremony, you are all set up. Tents are nice and your reception can still look elegant and chic!

Tip 2# Forecasting Your Day

Use weather tools online such as long range weather forecasts and weather history tools. There are lots of apps you can download to your phone as well. Here are a few sites we like to use:

The Weather Channel

Weather Underground

Regardless of the humidity or rain, your wedding reception under a tent can still be entertaining!

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