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Dessert Station Ideas For Weddings

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

In the past, having a cake and serving that to guests was a huge part of the couples' wedding. Guessing which layer was what flavor was so much fun! These days, people are realizing that not everyone likes cake so couples are getting creative and coming up with their own dream wedding day sweet tooth ideas for their guest. Depending on the budget, make DIY, bakery/catering, or having your coordinator set it up fun! Here are some ideas and photos to help inspire you for your day!

Here are some DIY Dessert Station Ideas For Weddings

Doughnut board! Who doesn't love a good doughnut! Give your guests a variety to choose from. Make a board (or borrow), hang some and then decorate the table with the rest! Shop around and see who offers great doughnuts near your venue. Some companies will deliver. Don't be afraid to ask!

Assortment To Choose From! Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.... that is what your guests will be doing as they hover at the dessert station. Don't make it easy to just pick one! Let them have two! Check out these two different assortment stations. What a great DIY dessert station for weddings right!

Have Your Cake & Eat It Too! Why choose?!?! A lot of couples are opting to have a cake and an assortment. Give you guests the option to have one or both! Whether you choose to do a 3-tier or single layer, your guests can enjoy both!

This couple had the fantastic idea to have a sheet cake of their cake made and have it cut into bit size pieces for their guests to enjoy along with their dessert of choice. Yet another great DIY dessert station for weddings!

Be creative! Whatever you decide, let your coordinator help make sure it is set up to make your guests say "WOW"! If you are doing it yourself, reach out to us here at SJ Coordination & Events, LLC. We would love to help take that off your plate on your wedding day! We love to set up dessert stations and add some of your floral flare to the table! Send us an email so we can help set your dessert station! Email us at:

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